The wolf wildlife area

The wolf has always been a symbol of the village and its tradition. The Apennine Wolf Wildlife Area was born in 2003, between the areas of Calvario and Folselongo, from the cooperation between the municipal administration and the Majella National Park. The real protagonists of the project are two young wolves, one male and one female, race of the Apennine Wolf, arrived in Pretoro from the Natural Park of Mount Amiata.

The Wolf Wildlife Area can accommodate injured wolves that were found in nature to enable them to regain strength and return to a free life. It is a very important center for the study and management of the species, where every year tens of biologists, naturalists, veterinarians and industry experts come to study the management model. It also attracts tourists from all over Italy, who can observe animals in a semi-natural state without disturbing them. The two specimens in fact maintain a behavior and a distrust similar to that of wild wolves, so that is not obvious to be able to spot them even after hours of surveillance. This is due to the careful maintenance of the vegetation, which is managed by ensuring both open areas, with meadows and clearings, and wooded areas, where the animals find refuge. What is more, to observe wolves, the best hours are those in the afternoon in winter and in the evening in summer when, with the heat, the wolves prefer to stand still in the shade of the trees.

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